Pressure Press Presents

The Facebook Group Collection


Poetry by the contributors of Pressure Press Facebook group. Edited by Ron Androla. Including works by Jim Chandler, John Korn, Mark Hartenbach, Belinda Subraman and many others.

"Community is the solid platform on which we build. I consider all the contributors here my friends, some pure family. Pressure Press Presents rocks and boils and keeps me cranked -- cranked as an editor, too. In the spirit of the group's name, I am glad to open more awareness to those presented here, a collection of writers who span the visions of modern poetry like a lake horizon."  
                                                                                                           From the introduction by Ron Androla, editor
"The dead will rise; witches will dance; swords will lunge; beasts will roam; gods will snicker; space and time will slip; slumbring horrors will shudder awake; innumerable eyes will watch your every move. Welcome to Surreal South'13, the fourth volume in the anthology series featuring stories embedded in the sureal and seen through the perspective of the American South, fiction that lives on the fringe."  

                                                                                                     From the introduction by Josh Woods, Editor

Featuring Michael Baughn, Helena Bell, Lynn Buchanan, Kevin Catalano, Katherine Chariott, Joshua Eure, Kendall Giles, Joey Goebel, Becky Hagenston, Bake Kimzey, Tawny Leech, Nathan Alling Long, Alexander Lumans, Alice Otto, Adam Padgett, David James Poissant, Ron Rash, Fred Venturini, Jeff Weddle, and Josh Woods.







"Peels away all the phony plastic and gets to the real plastic underneath . . . . Barbie has warped many lives; but she will always be among us, so we might as well learn to deal with her."
--Robert Plunket, New York Times Book Review


"A diverse and agile book . . . the authors play happily with the varieties of Barbie experience." 


"A funny, irreverent, and sometimes shocking look at Barbie's function as national icon . . . an unusually entertaining collection."
--Kirkus Reviews


"A hilarious, offbeat, irreverent, and occasionally frightening anthology of just what nine inches of plastic injection-molding technology has wrought."
--San Diego Union-Tribune


"Members of the Barbie Generation are coming of age and they are taking no prisoners."
--Publishers Weekly




Featuring works by: Roberta Allen, Julia Alavarez, Lynne Barrett, Jeanne Beaumont, Rebecca Brown, Sandra Cisneros, Laura Costas, Denise Duhamel, Richard Grayson, Cathryn Hankla, Kathryn Harrison, Sharon Henry, Lisa B. Herskovits, A. M. Homes, Wayne E. Kline, Philip Levine, Lyn Lifshin, Cookie Lupton, Alice McDermott, Lynne McMahon, Jose Padua, Marge Piercy, Ellie Schoenfeld, Gregg Shapiro, Leslie Shiel, Gary Soto, Sparrow, Patricia Storace, Belinda Subraman, Hillary Tham, David Trinidad, John Varley, and Jeff Weddle.


"...DARKNESS. THE SMOKE IS LIKE INK. Scotch and water in hand, Henry Chinaski sits alone at the end of the bar. Steve Richmond enters and joins three demons sitting at a rectangular table. They applaud him, the Santa Monica Artaud! He ignores them. 'Where in the hell is the jazz?' Hugh Brown Shu says to everyone in particular. He's been up for days. Dostoevsky sinks the eight ball as Joseph Solman sketches the scene in an old paperback. Joking about his penniless days in Paris, Irving Stettner renders a portrait of a pretty girl. She is laughing, smoking a cigarette. Happy Hour, what! The place is packed... Your drink arrives. STOVEPiPER. It tastes like ink, smoke, darkness..."

                                                                                                                                     From the back cover












Featuring the work of Charles Bukowski, Steve Richmond, Gerald Locklin, Hugh Brown Shu, Irving Stettner, Jeff Weddle, and others




 "Tales From the Alien Buddha" an exceptional collection of short stories by,‎ Red Focks (Author),‎ Jay Miner (Author),‎ Jeff Weddle (Author),‎ Scott Thomas Outlar (Author),‎ Robin Wyatt Dunn (Author),‎ Robert J W (Author),‎ Carman Benoit (Author),‎ Matt Borczon (Author),‎ Michael Zone (Author),‎ Paul Brookes (Author),‎ Mark Hartenbach (Author),‎ Bibek Adhikari (Author),‎ Dustin Pickering (Author),‎ Billy Antonio (Author),‎ Ron Androla (Author),‎ Ammi Romero (Cover Design).

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