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"The French Quarter has long been heralded as a Dionysian vortex, a creative way station for artists craving street theater and inebriated fun. Now, for the first time, in Jeff Weddle's Bohemian New Orleans, we can understand the essential role the Outsider and Loujon Press played in enhancing the Port City's ethereal mystique. A truly fascinating, well-written and important book."  

                                                           DOUGLAS BRINKLEY



"This is the thrilling story of a protean couple who briefly illuminated the New Orleans literary landscape at a dramatic time in American leters. When Jon and Lou 'Gypsy' Webb published the Outsider here they brought America's new rebel writers of the late 1950s and 1960s to a city steeped in rebel traditions, including the 'Southern Renaissance' of the 1940s. Their Outsider fit in a lineage that began with the radical Baron von Reizenstein's Louisiana Staat-Zeitung, and continued through Sherwood Anderson's Double Dealer, publisher of William Faulkner. The fertile Outsider had both precursors and heirs, and it's a pleasure, from today's perspective, to read this fascinating and well-written family history."

                                                               ANDREI CODRESCU


Bohemian new orleans: the story of the outsider and loujon press

the librarian's guide to negotiation

The Librarian's Guide to Negotiation: Winning Strategies for the Digital Age


By Beth Ashmore, Jill Grogg and Jeff Weddle



"I’m filing this book under the “things I didn’t learn in library school” category. Because negotiating skills weren’t offered in our curriculum, most of us have failed to realize that negotiating is a big part of our everyday lives. We negotiate with ourselves, our family, and our co-workers. How many times have you had this conversation with yourself: 'If I eat another slice of pizza I’ll add another 15 minutes to my time on the treadmill!' This is negotiation at its most basic, and the authors of The Librarian’s Guide to Negotiation: Winning Strategies for the Digital Age offer up a variety of examples of how we negotiate on a daily basis, and point out how important this process can be in an institutional setting.....The book offers advice from library leaders, and includes chapters on specific negotiation scenarios that librarians may encounter. Highly recommended for those new to library management, and those of us who are in need of a good refresher."  -- Jean Marie HeiligFiscal Officer, LSTA Grant CoordinatorColorado State Library



the outsiders of new orleans: loujon press

a film by wayne ewing

Jeff weddle, associate producer


"The Outsiders of New Orleans: The Loujon Press will be worth watching not just for the richness of material it presents, but for the many worlds of inquiry it evokes." - Tom Dooley, Eclectica Magazine. 


* * *


"The film is an entertaining look at the spirit of artists who lived hand-to-mouth and created enduring legacies in literature and the French Quarter's romanticized social character." - Gambit Weekly (New Orleans)

Vistit for more reviews and to purchase your copy of The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press.




Ragland, Alabama: OEOCO Press, 2010. Edition of 40.


6.25 x 8.25"; 42 pages. Text handset in Cochin and Bembo metal type. Printed on a Vandercook SP 20 press. Text paper: 30 copies printed on Somerset Book Paper; 10 copies on Mohawk Superfine. Artwork handcolored using Prisma pencils. Exposed Japanese stab binding. Bound in paper over boards and black cloth. Signed by the poet.


Poetry by Jeff Weddle is accompanied by drawings of artist and printer Mary Ann Sampson. The design, artwork, bindings, and printing were done by Sampson.

betray the invisible

when giraffes flew


Do you have a taste for the bizarre, abstract, and peculiar? This eclectic collection of short stories will tantalize your imagination and your sense of propriety.


Here you will find exploding chickens, flying giraffes, and one very ugly monkey. Barbers sick with love and school spirit. A mailman with a vendetta against junk mail. Mayhem. Love gone wrong. Lost souls of all stripes. Join Jeff Weddle—Eudora Welty Prize winning author—for twenty-nine excursions into the dark heart of contemporary American letters. When Giraffes Flew is sure to grab you and not let go.




"Weddle's stories are dark gems. When cracked open they reveal the pathos of the twisted light that governs the strangeness of the human psyche."


--George Eklund, The Island Blade, Poems, and In the Arms of the Fog, Poems in Spanish and English

Comes to this

"This collection of poems by Jeff Weddle is the landmark in these hard and difficult times. While reading his work I felt a reaffirmation of a poet’s deep and unshakable faith in the voice of the muse that frames all human endeavor. These poems are a work of nature and I fervently hope that they reach the wide audience so richly deserved. This poet is a man of the book, but more profoundly a word warrior of the soil and of the air we breathe." 

                                             -- Neeli Cherkovski 

heart of the broken world

'Living is a chaotic system that rips the Poet's guts and splatters the entrails across the page, every mischievous side-slam and frantic headkick is an image, texts are snapping synapses, sparks form a grinding wheel. For Jeff Weddle it's a broken world shortchanged by truth, a sensorium of failure where chaos kicks your ass, yet although we're defeated, still these tender sparks, these true moments of grace, are the things that matter." -- Andrew Darlington

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